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Artist Profile

    ​Hello, my name is Becky and I am an artist/illustrator from the south of England. In 2017 I graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University with a Fine Art degree and then furthered my time there gaining a further Masters degree in Illustration.

    I work with themes of sci-fi and hopeful exploration, looking at the way other worlds grow and live. To do this I primarily use 2D mediums and storytelling but occasionally I venture further. I am hoping to create a journal type book documenting another world. 

    As well as this I am still drawn to  the animals and landscapes and landscapes of our own world and the adventures they can hold. :)

The Woods of Initriom

    The Woods of Initriom was my interactive display for the masters degree show. It was a conceptual piece and an attempt to bring to life the woods and engage it's audience. There were underlying themes of playfulness and one of the best moments of the show for me was seeing a young child excitedly tell her mum about the horned slug hidden in the stand alone tree.

(Below is the narrative text which is also in the the video)

    The Woods of Initriom is deep and vast, it's tall and ancient trees span along the Azsherey coast right over to Aurkwin Plains. It is home to a diverse range of flourishing creatures and plant life but watch your step; for contained within these woods, are the wild and dangerous, the wonderous and beautiful, but also the kind.

    The paths around here don't make much sense. Twisting and turning, it can often seem to loop around, and around, like the unwanted thought of being lost. Unmapped and greatly unexplored the forest is an unknown to the people of neighbouring Onogume and Luneece, however, fear not if you find yourself lost there is still hope.

    Folklore states that these woods are inhibited by the Genusal. Translation descends from the Latin for 'kind alien'. Also referred to as the ‘Guardian of the Woods’ or ‘the Travellers Friend’ they are the hidden benevolent force of the forest known only by their deeds, helping the lost and injured home again. It is said that they are shy preferring to remain hidden, but that they cannot bear to see people hurting. Some believe their civilisation spans the entirety of the forest, but that they never leave a trace. Several of those whom the Genusal have helped have tried to relocate them in order to thank them, but no matter how clear their memories are they turn out to be false when they retrace their steps which might indicate that these theories hold some truth.

    However, although shrouded in mystery, real or imagined, the Genusal brings hope to the people of nearby cities like Onogume. The Genusal as a figure has come to embody kindness to these communities bringing them together and inspiring them to help each other when they do.

Particularly well loved by children, the Genusal is often the hero of many a make-believe game or storytelling session; guiding them to safety, helping lost travellers and hurt animals, providing shelter, warmth and food for the arduous journey home. And it isn’t unusual to find a handmade toy depicting the Genusal in a child’s room, or a long thank you letter to their invisible guardian.

    Although there are believers and nonbelievers, as there are with any uncertainty, the benefit of the Genusal can be felt by all who accept its stories and even more so by those who remember it’s smiling face looking out for them when they needed it most.

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